“The Tough Cookie Philosophy” !OUT NOW !

Stefanie is no stranger to the expat life, spending a large amount of her youth adapting to new and exciting situations. Change didn’t seem to deter her however, and she later followed in her parents’ footsteps and continued the expat adventure with her French husband. Now settled in France, her various moves abroad have given her a head start in developing a kick-ass growth mindset and have added a certain jadedness to her character.

These experiences have become apparent in her work as a psychologist and executive coach. Her debut book “The Tough Cookie Philosophy” focuses on changing your mindset on resilience. The book goes one step beyond repetitive positive thinking. It takes on a global approach by employing the complete acceptance of negativity and weakness, along with positivity and focus on strength. It’s a great summary of putting theoretical knowledge into practice by employing useful psychological tools and worksheets. Readers will re-frame any self-doubt and low-confidence and start viewing it as a normal reaction to hardship, but an unhelpful one in their quest to build up resilience.

The book not only gives readers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of developing their resilience, but also implements useful actions to see substantial change in improving it. Stefanie’s wit and sense of humor often trickles through her writing, which makes for an educational and entertaining read.

Battling emotions and avoiding any weaknesses is never the answer. Accepting them, and learning how to manage them, is the first step to further self development. We can’t beat our subconscious into submission with insistent positive thinking alone, but we can reprogram it. The Tough Cookie Philosophy makes these steps feel more manageable and helps implement what readers already know; so they can BE more, DO more and EXPERIENCE more.

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