profileaboutStefanie Selen was born in Belgium, but spent the first few years of her life as an expatriate with her parents in the US and Middle East. At the sensitive age of 16, she left her Belgian life behind again, and moved to Australia with her family; thus spending a large amount of her youth adapting to new and exciting situations. Change didn’t seem to deter her, as she later followed in her parents’ footsteps and continued the expat adventure with her French husband.

Now settled in France, her initial move abroad gave her a head start in developing a kick-ass growth mindset, and further experiences have added a certain jadedness to her character, which has become apparent in her work.

Stefanie started her career as a psychologist in a statutory setting where she specialized  in working with high-risk children, their families, and perpetrators. Trauma and abuse gave key insights early into her career, and she subsequently turned to private practice to broaden her therapeutic services.

After moving abroad with her husband, she expanded to professional training & development, and now spends her time teaching and coaching executives in their respective fields. As the creator of  “Life’s Recipe Book” she has also turned her professional and personal experiences into a self-development blog, with various articles published on worldwide platforms (and some translated into French).

Her debut book “The Tough Cookie Philosophy” is a great summary of how she puts her theoretical knowledge into practice by employing useful psychological tools and worksheets. It not only gives readers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of developing their resilience, but also implements useful actions to see substantial change in improving it. Her wit and sense of humor often trickles through her writing (where appropriate) which often makes for an educational and entertaining read.

Stefanie plans to expand the concept of the “tough cookie philosophy” through interactive workshops and public speaking. She continues to publish useful articles and hopefully another book in the near future (as soon as she can drag herself away from whatever she’s watching on Netflix).