The Tough Cookie Philosophy


Change your mindset on resilience !

Put theory into practice to not just understand  the ‘why‘ and the ‘how‘ of developing your resilience, but to implement actual actions to change and improve it !!

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Book Reviews

“The Tough Cookie Philosophy reads as easily as if you were in a bar having a nice conversation with the author herself”  – Tim G. (loyal reader)

Love the entire philosophy and the witty approach the book takes. It turns a thoughtful topic into an educational, but still enjoyable, read  – My husband (not forced to say this at all)

“Read the book – if you’re in need of a night in with your best friend who gives no b*shit, sage advice – this is what you need!” – Patrycja V. (loyal reader)

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About the Book

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I wrote The Tough Cookie Philosophy because I’ve been a fan of using its approach for many years; both in my personal life as well as my professional life as a psychologist. I realised that we can be a kind and compassionate person,  and still tell someone to go shit themselves when it’s needed. Being a doormat is a choice, and applying the tough cookie philosophy is the first step to getting off the floor. Rather than sticking solely to the common self-help frame of repetitive positive thinking and affirmations (which you’ll still find in the book); the Tough Cookie Philosophy goes one step beyond and employs the complete acceptance of negativity and weakness along with positivity and focus on strength.

Together we reframe any self-doubt and low-confidence and start viewing it as a normal reaction to hardship, but an unhelpful one in your quest for building your resilience and becoming a tough cookie.

I share knowledge and researched advice and provide you with psychological tools that help you along your way. Furthermore, I encourage you to APPLY these tools proactively through worksheets and exercises, helping you to unlock the underlying belief in yourself. I’ve included personal experiences (even the embarrassing ones) and a bit of wit (or at least the attempt thereof) to make your progress as educational and as enjoyable as possible.

The book provides you with a similar, but yet different, approach to self-development. Battling your emotions and avoiding any weaknesses is never the answer. Accepting them, and learning how to manage them, is the first step to learning how to further develop yourself. You can’t beat your subconscious into submission with insistent positive thinking alone, but you can reprogram it with the right psychological tools, useful examples and some real-life truth bombs; all of which you’ll find in this book.

My goal is to make these steps feel more manageable and to help implement what you already know; so you can BE more, DO more and EXPERIENCE more.

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